Earl’s Plumbing Maintenance Agreement

All customers have the option of signing up for Earl’s Plumbing Maintenance Agreement. All Maintenance Agreement holders enjoy the following benefits:

2nd Column Pricing

You might notice there are 2 columns on your bill, one labeled “standard rate” and the other labeled “value rate”. Agreement holders will receive the value rate on all jobs for the term of their contract.

Preferential Scheduling

Yes… we will bump someone! Rest assured that any emergencies will be covered.

Yearly Full Service Plumbing Inspection

At the time of purchase, all agreement holders will receive a plumbing inspection, which will occur yearly for the term of the contract. The inspection includes:

  • Drain, flush, and service your water heater to reduce sediment build up and prolong the life of your tank (tankless service and de-scale with fee) and check the water temperature (this alone is worth the investment!).
  • Isolate your main water service from meter to house to check for main service leaks.
  • Check all your accessible drains, waste, and venting for existing or potential problems.
  • Check all your fixtures, faucets, valves, supply lines, emergency shut-off valves, and p-traps for leaks or potential problems.
  • Electronic gas leak detection of accessible gas lines.
  • Check water pressure.
  • 15 Point Well Inspection(if applicable)

We will show you where to locate your main shut-off valve and how to operate it. Same for the water heater and other fixtures. You’ll be prepared if a plumbing emergency pops up! We’ll answer any questions about your plumbing system, anytime. Just call.